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No way out

October 28th, 2002 · 1 Comment · Potpourri

I still haven’t the shittiest idea as to what I’ll be for All Hallow’s Eve. I thought about being me circa 2000, but that would be dumb. Any borrowed inspiration would be appreciated.

This weekend was nice. Friday night B and I went for din-din and a movie with Mike and Rachel. Their crockpot apple-chicken was kickass. Punch-Drunk Love was ok, though I did not like the artistic aspects of the movie at all. They belonged in a much more complicated movie. The sound and editing attempted to make it artsy for the sake of sound and editing, which kinda blurred the simple (yet neat) story.

After the movie we went to Steak and Shake. I must say, I like this concept. I’ll have to try it out sometime when I’m not full of crockpot chicken and queasy from a too-busy movie. We all just had shakes. Except B. She had a BROWNie.

Saturday I just messed around at the house. I got really far in Monkey Island 4, and then it died on me. Of course I hadn’t saved for well over an hour. I’ll jump back in eventually. J.M. came over Saturday night. I made pizza and we played LEAGUE BOWLING! He beat the old X-Men arcade game in about 10 minutes. Then we went for coffee.

Sunday we watched Training Day. Good flick. Then we went shopping and attempted to hang a curtain rod. The curtain rod won. We might try again soon.

I got a pocket knife with a “powerful” LED on the end. It’s not half as powerful as the little nerd-keychain-fobs. But it’s a decent knife. Instead of a toothpick, it has a tiny-assed flathead screwdriver. That’s neat. We also got some cheap foldout chairs (PURPLE!) and a matching foldout end-table.

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