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Entries from December 31st, 2002


December 31st, 2002 · 3 Comments · Potpourri

People will be out and about, going to bars and watching things explode at various places. B and I (if she doesn’t kill me) will be hosting a get-together here. If you know where we live, you’re invited, especially if you were part of the plan to begin with. If you don’t know where I live, but think you might be invited too, drop a line here on LJ and I’ll give you a way to get in contact with me.

It will not offend me if you choose to celebrate elsewhere or sneak out early or go to a bar or a whorehouse and then come back. It is the New Year. You party like you want to party. I’m just here to have fun myself and help others have a safe place to do it. There will be plenty of places (two extra futons, and a big couch-bed) to sleep should you imbibe too much and wish to spend the night dreaming of sobriety.

I bought 20th Anniversary Trivial pursuit, a purchase inspired by Brad. That should be fun, sober or not.

So show up anytime after 7pm. BYOB, unless otherwise arranged.

Love to all, and I hope you end 2002 excellently!

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Papa Stories

December 31st, 2002 · 2 Comments · Potpourri

I’ve read through Papa’s section of the Rush Family book several times now. Many of the stories I have heard straight from his mouth hundreds of times before, but that doesn’t make them any less great. This particular story has always entertained me and made me proud to be his grandson, ever since I was old enough to understand English:

“When I was fourteen I ran away from home. I wasn’t going anywhere special, I was just going. I left Beaumont with one dollar in my pocket. It didn’t last long. One little town I stopped in didn’t have piped in water, and I had to pay a nickel for a bottle of water. I wound up in Memphis, Tennessee with one penny in my pocket. I had eaten two donuts [FJG – Yes, he did eventually become a policeman.] as I hitch-hiked up there.I sat on a park bench, looking at a hole in my shoe, trying to decide if I should spend the penny on a post card for my current girl friend or be practical and spend it on a box of matches to finish up my cigarettes. She was in Beaumont, and the cigarettes were in Memphis, so I bought the matches.

(Keep going for the rest of the story.)

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420 Memory Circle

December 31st, 2002 · No Comments · Potpourri

Yarr. this thread is so loaded.

Time flies.

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The coming battle

December 30th, 2002 · 1 Comment · Potpourri

Grace has a new arch-nemesis: Bonnie’s new paper shredder.

Me, I love the thing. Probably too much. I’m shredding every single piece of dead tree I don’t need.

Does Rip Taylor accept donations?

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Must… journalize… holiday…

December 29th, 2002 · No Comments · Arcade Box, Potpourri

Lots of serious overhauling soon. Seems like everytime I come back up from Beaumont, I have some sort of life-changing epiphany regarding organiation or daily routine.

I had a long talk with Kenny, as I usually do when I go down. I’ve said it before, but he and his wife Cathy are two of the best people around. They have their weaknesses, of course, but we’ll not go into it. I hope like hell that, wherever I end up settling down for the immediate future after graduation, I have quick and frequent access to the Allens.

More details later. I’m currently finishing up some minor maintenance on this machine so I can install the new hard drive and clean up this 8gig to give to my Uncle Harley. I have decided that the next three toys I want to get, computerwise, are (in order):

-another bigass harddrive for the arcade cab
-a usb2.0 DVD burner (will make all this video archiving much smoother)
– (this is the huge one) A Klipsch surround-sound system and ProTools setup. This one may or may not require building a new machine, which is definitely needed within the next year.

Film at eleven. Must see in-(common)laws and buy pants/journals.

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