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Blind, lying, stupid, or all three?

April 29th, 2003 · 5 Comments · 9to5, Potpourri

Apartment manager waited 3 weeks to respond to my letter of termination.

Roof has leaked thrice in that time interval.

I have reported it each time.

Maintenance guy saw it himself at least once that we know of.

Certified letter received yesterday from Ms. Bullshit Apartmentmanager says, among other horsecrap, “Summit Roofing had completed all reroofing of building 9 by March 25, 2003 and the drywall repair was completed on March 19, 2003 so I can only assume that all work was finished prior to this date.”

That makes no sense. The drywall was completely fucked by March 25, they didn’t do shit to it on March 19.

Also: “We had addressed this issue each and every time that you contacted our office to alert us of the continuing problem.”

WTF?!?!?!?! Not ONCE this month have they come to look at our apartment while we were there, other than the Maintenance Guy coming by once on his own, and HE noted that it was leaking.

We’re moving out tomorrow. I’m looking for a lawyer right now.

I have a final exam in corporate finance tonight.

Fuck these people.

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