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My name is Farris, and I’m a Hadoukaholic.

July 9th, 2003 · 4 Comments · Arcade Box, Potpourri

“Hi Farris!”

Yesterday we went to Dave & Buster?s for the good reverend?s birthday gathering. I told myself, ?Self, don?t play any games that you can play for free at home.?

Yeah, right. I headed straight for the Street Fighter II machine.

When I got home around 11:45, I needed to study for the two exams I have today. What did I do? I played X-Men vs. Street Fighter for an hour. I beat the game once on two ?quarters? and then played Vs. mode with Beau for a good half-hour.

Last night every one of my dreams involved either a street fight with men and women of extraordinary strength and superhuman powers, or just blowing away innocent people with spheres of energy from my bare hands.

I can admit when I have a problem. No more Capcom/X-Men fighting games for a while.

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