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Someone give us a much smaller projector

September 4th, 2003 · 5 Comments · Arcade Box, Potpourri

Power bill, due on the 18th: $357.

Cost of a new, less power-consuming projector: $1300.

Realization that I have personally used the projector, the total monthly use of which undoubtedly accounts for well over half of that bill, no more than 10 hours during the last billing cycle: Priceless.

We need to do some calculating to see just how expensive it is per hour to use that thing, taking into account both the power consumption of the projector itself and the juice used in cooling off the portions of the house affected by the massive heater sitting on the floor in our A/V room. The good news is, I’m sure we can calculate some sort of equillibrium number of hours we can use the thing in the winter so that a) we rarely (if ever) need to turn on the A/C and b) our power bill is still relatively low.

Of course, compared to $357, what wouldn’t be relatively low?

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