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A sad day… Whenever it was.

October 6th, 2003 · 3 Comments · Arcade Box, Potpourri

Mason went so long without updating the Joke Analysis that I stopped checking for new ones regularly. I just checked today, only to discover that he has been shitcanned.

That really sucks. The joke analysis was really the only part of NL I still read religiously. I hope he gets a new gig somewhere. My favorite part of the otherwise fairly anticlimactic farewell was this:

While this joke may seem humorous to the very naive, even the casual student of American humor understands that ?bowling balls? are known primarily as ?nigger eggs? when used in a joke. Thus, while a teamster couldn’t actually unload bowling balls with a pitchfork, at least in the South, he would wait until they hatched.

But of course, he got in one more really cool shit joke before it was all over:

Some may think that this is not a very impressive analysis to go out on. However, when one considers that today is my last day at the office, and it?s been spent almost entirely in front of a bottle of tequila while taking care of important administrative tasks such as filching office supplies and getting my Fantasy Football draft picks in order, I believe all will be forgiven.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a crap in the coffee maker.

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