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I have contracted Bonnie Syndrome and Jessyca’s Disease (Post-Christmas Post Part I)

December 30th, 2003 · No Comments · Potpourri

The latter showed symptoms first: I haven’t written any thing here since the day after graduation. The former just became evident in the last two days, after close contact with the carrier for several consecutive days: I didn’t wake up until damn near 12:45 today. I’m telling myself it’s only my body catching up from all the excitement and lost rest while in Beaumont.

Before some of you call shennanigans, let me mention that I went to bed several hours before the sun came up. Another hour and I would have been asleep for twelve.

Today I must cleanup and began preparations for a new year of job hunting and family productivity. I have big decisions to make in the next few months about where I’m going to live. I also need to mail out thankyou cards to allt he generous people who gave me stuff for graduation.

Oh, and Lauri and I have big plans for next Christmas, but it’s kind of a secret. Ask me in private.

The trip to Beaumont was a lot of fun. We left Tuesday night shortly before 9pm, from B’s house. Her mom gave me some awesome driving gloves. B had to open one of her gifts from me because we had no room in the car. While Bonnie drove a little over half the way down, I got acquainted with my brand new Nokia 3650 phone. I love this sum’itch.

I took over the driving in New Waverly and we got to Mama’s a little before midnight. We talked with Mama and loved on Harmony for as long as he’d let us, and then we all went to sleep.

After a nice brunch at Carlito’s, we spent Christmas Eve in jail. The old jail at the county courthouse, that is. Bonnie took some lomo pics, I hope they turn out well. A lady named Debbie gave us our own personal tour. It was a lot of fun.

B and T and I then went to pick up groceries for Christmas Day breakfast. When we got back home, B and I tried to organize our room at Mama’s so that we wouldn’t have to spend 6 hours packing when the time came to leave.

Then we went to Allen Manor, because B had not yet seen the splendor that is The New House. After a brief rest there (mostly showing K how to do lots of neat stuff with his newly modified XboX), we all joined Murray in his growing Christmas Eve tradition of feasting on sushi in Beaumont. I was a bit nervouse, but as it turns out, there are some damn fine Japanese chefs in Southeast Texas. The food was excellent, and I filled up. As a bonus, not only did B try some sushi and like certain types, my little BROTHER ate sushi. No raw fish for them, but I don’t blame them. In fact, after that particular sushi adventure, I now know what to look for next time we do the sushi thing with Morgan et al. As I once theorized, the tastiest dishes are all cooked.

My brother drove Murray to Mama’s house since he had already downed a few Singapore Slings, and after the rest of us caught up with them, we played board games well into Christmas morning. Cathy was a bit sloshed herself, and made sure everyone knew so. We all had a blast. Murray gave me a 750 of Crown, and we all shared about half of it over a game of Scrabble while Kenneth wrapped most of my Christmas presents for me. He’s so damned useful.

Then everyone went home, B went to sleep, and I wrapped the remaining presents for Christmas morning. We all got some sleep, while we awaited the arrival of St. Nick.

To be continued after I shower and lunch with Rob T.

Wait… I’m going to take a shower, and then go to lunch. Lunch will be with Rob T. I will be alone for the shower.

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