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Four Days and Fed Up (Almost)

January 24th, 2004 · 5 Comments · 9to5, Potpourri

I told one of my managers last night that I was overwhelmed. She seemed very concerned, so I clarified that I didn’t mean I felt as if I was in over my head. I feel overwhelmed by the ineffectiveness of the tech support staff and its current procedures. When I showed up at 9pm last night there were around 80 major unresolved issues on the network. When I left at 6am this morning that number was only down to about 80. I have access to all the tickets, so I can read about every one of these issues. But, since I’m not trained and am not yet trusted with all of our server info and logins, all I can do is watch with bewilderment.

A good number of these unresolved issues are simply people waiting on information. Simple information. But our tech staff can’t (or doesn’t) see the trees for the forrest. Something must be done about all this soon. If I’m not mistaken, the company has lost 3 customers since I was hired Tuesday.

I feel a bit useless and handcuffed right now. I could have 75% of these issues rectified within 4 hours if I had access to everything. But I don’t. I’m just a trainee. And the person who is supposed to train me is too busy working her ass off putting out fires to train me, bless her damn heart. Last night I installed BSD on a machine, set it up for deployment, installed mysql and phpmyadmin on another machine (after my manager logged into the box for me), and read a lot of emails from angry customers.

If I’m going to be at this company long, someone had better recognize soon that I can help them turn such inefficient processes around.

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