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March 8th, 2004 · 2 Comments · Audio, Potpourri

I don’t want to gush too much, but tonight I had the chance to see the two greatest living guitarists. George Lynch opened for Yngwie Malmsteen at Trees, and it was friggin’ amazing. I’ll have pictures and movies and audio clips later.

I don’t know why everyone always says Yngwie is an asshole. He was one of the nicest musicians I’ve ever encountered. Sincere love for the audience just oozed out of his slightly-overweight body. That’s the other thing. People say he’s gotten really fat. Well, if he was indeed very fat at some point, he isn’t anymore. Sure, he’s chunky, but dammit, if I were that talented, I’d reserve the right to let myself go a little, too.

I wish I had known more of Lynch’s stuff. I enjoyed every minute of it, but I only recognized one or two songs. He did, of course, play Mr. Scary, during which he insisted that his guitar tech back him up. On stage, playing guitar with Lynch. I’ll bet that tech had wood.

I did, however, recognize pretty much everything Yngwie did except the stuff from his new album. I guess I didn’t realize how much of a fan I was until I was there. I even remembered most of the lyrics, which is odd. You don’t listen to Yngwie for a lyrical experience. He and Zakk are tied for Musician Most Capable of Making Farris Forgive Crappy lyrics.

Actually, Yngwie’s probably got that one wrapped up now that I think about it. Zakk has too many great lines. I mean, come on: “All your phony smiles and fake hellos, the hardcore rush of watching heads roll. I’ll dig your grave and kill your lifeless stare. Go fuck yourself for all I fucking care.”

Pure poetry. But wait, this was a post about Yngwie and Lynch. Why am I digressing into Wyldisms?

Oh well, I’ll remember more when I post the multimedia crap. I still need to come up with a manageable way of doing batch resizes on all my pictures. I have been uploading full 1600×1200 photos to gallery, but that’s such a waste, although a lot of these Yngwie photos would make awesome desktop backgrounds.

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