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One of the coolest April Fool’s jokes I’ve seen, I hope.

March 31st, 2004 · 1 Comment · Potpourri

From SuprNova:

Unfortunately I have some bad news for everybody that does not speak Japanese and some very good for those who do.

Because of the recent events, like huge increase in page hits from Japan and a lot of problems with other coutries, we have decided that is in our best interest to only focus on the Japanese visitors. Thats why you could have already noticed the change in menu buttons at the top of the site. We decided we will start slow and will everyday change a bit of the site, until it is completley changed. I hope you understand why it had to come to this, but the Japanese people are simple more suitable for this kind of website. We are sure other bittorrent sites will soon follow us, since they will soon realize, that they will have no future in other countries, except Japan.

Also, since we got so many donations this time, we decided we will buy a satellite, that will be orbiting Japan’s space and that is where SuprNova will be hosted. The satellite will be sent it to space today at 5 PM GMT. We hope that the take off will be smooth and there will be no problems…

Thank you all!

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