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Farris Goldstein’s first new car

July 1st, 2004 · 11 Comments · 9to5, Potpourri

I bought a brand-friggin’-new Hyundai Santa Fe LX. I don’t have many words, so here are a couple of pictures:

Ballah, shot-callah…

When I told Mike W. what I’d gotten, he said “Uh oh, Farris with a V6. Very scary.”

Please don’t ask me what kind of deal I got, or even if I got a good one. The quick answer is “No.” The slightly less quick answer is, “I got what I wanted, and a deal I could afford.”

First-time car buying isn’t as scary as most people say it is, but it is every bit as painful. It’s good hurt, though. You should hear the stereo.

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