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July 21st, 2004 · 5 Comments · Audio, Media, Movies

TMBG at Trees kicked all ass, twice. Corn Mo got to play Particle Man with Linnell, twice. B snapped some damn good shots of the show, and two really good videos. I encoded the huge-ass videos using XviD. Check them out here.

One of those videos is the poem they sang before both shows. I don’t recall who they said wrote the poem, but they supposedly sang it because it was called (or mentioned) Trees, and they were playing at Trees. Very cute, as always, but it was fun as all hell too.

It was really good to see Jon (Corn Mo) again, as I only see him about twice a year now. B and I are thinking about taking a trip to NYC sometime in the foreseeable future, so we may get to hang out with him again. I’d love to get a gig or a standup shot and do a show with him up there.

One final note for now: Final Destination is one of the shittiest movies ever.

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