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July 25th, 2004 · 7 Comments · Audio, Media, Potpourri

We went to see Honchie last night at Clearview. It was awesome, as usual. I talked to this guy for quite a while. He was interested in coming to check out Soul Glow, but it turns out he’ll be out of town covering the election for our next show. Or so he says.

Devo paid to see Honchie, then left to go see Wasp after two songs. I know, that was such a tough decision – Honchie or Wasp. After we left Clearview we went to some bar that’s a favorite of one of B’s friend’s “friend’s” friend’s. Or maybe it was just some dude the friend’s “friend” met at the club. Couldn’t tell. The friend’s “friend” and I played a very sloppy game of pool, which I won, but only because he blew his wad too early on the eight ball. Devo called me as we were leaving, very drunk and very high, asking where we were so that he could come meet us.

This morning I got a text message from Devo. It said, at 9AM, “I awoke this morning in Deep Ellum.” Crazy jackass slept in his Eclipse in Deep Ellum.

B is asleep. I heated up her pizza so she’d get up and eat, but now it’s getting cold. She wanted to go shopping and get my haircut today, and there was also talk of swimming. I still have to go to D & J’s to sanitize the cat commode and water the plants. Maybe I should just go do that and see if B is awake when I get back.

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