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Cars where they go

October 3rd, 2004 · 6 Comments · Media, Movies, Potpourri

Beau got the garage more than halfway clean Friday, and today I finished the job. Taylor’s Jimmy and the Fairy5 are now snugly parked in the garage.

John, Rachel, Mike, Daniel and I went for sushi tonight. Yokohama was declicious, as usual, and we brought some back for Beau. Beau was very appreciative of the raw fish. After dinner, Daniel, John and I watched History of the World Part I, which Daniel had never seen. Good stuff.

Mel is supposedly in the early stages of working on a Spaceballs sequel. Here’s hoping it happens and that it’s better than Men In Tights. It *has* to be at least better than Dracula: Dead & Loving It.

Speaking of bad stuff, John and I watched the unaired pilot of the TV adaptation of Blazing Saddles, which was called Black Bart. BAD. HORRENDOUS. Glad it didn’t make it past the pilot.

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