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Trey and Matt on Conan

October 22nd, 2004 · 5 Comments · Potpourri

Did I ever mention that I love these guys?

Conan: Michael Moore is depicted in this film (Team America) along with a lot of other celebrities. And I talked about it with one of our producers after we saw the movie because you guys sort of go after Michael Moore. And it thought, ?That?s surprising,? because Michael Moore was in Bowling for Columbine, it?s his movie, he interviewed you (points to Matt) on Bowling for Columbine and I remember thinking I thought those guys were friends with Michael Moore. Did you have a falling out?

Matt: It wasn?t so much a falling out. He asked me to do the interview for Bowling for Columbine because I grew up in Littleton, Colorado. So I thought, okay, I?ll talk about growing up in Littleton, Colorado. What he did that made us a little angry is he put an animation in right after my piece in Bowling in Columbine that is very South Park-esque in its look. And I think 99% of the people who saw Bowling for Columbine think Trey and I did that animation.

Conan: I thought it was yours until my producer told me that he talked to you guys. I thought that you had done that animation.

Trey: No no. He asked us if we would do an animated thing for him, and we?re like, ?You know, we grew up in Colorado, our parents have guns, it?s just, you know, whatever.?

Conan: I?m wearing a gun right now. It?s just accepted. (Audience laughs)

Trey: Yeah exactly. We strongly believe in guns. So then he kind of did it anyway. So then later when he did Fahrenheit 911, people were like, well, Michael Moore kind of lies and manipulates to make people think certain things. We?re, like, personal victims of that. So we basically decided to make him into a puppet and blow him up. (Referring to Team America movie)

Matt: I mean, he didn?t explicitly say, ?Matt and Trey did this animation.? But he made it look like it. And that?s what he does in his movies. He uses two images together and creates meaning where there isn?t none.

Trey: And he?s fat.

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