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Recent Goings-On; Another Very Important Message

January 11th, 2005 · 5 Comments · Media, Potpourri, Stories

Last night I left B for a nameless and faceless (though hopefully not sexless) person. B was sad for a while, but then she got nasty with Prince William. That made me sad, so I became abusive around Faceless girl and ended up being hauled off to jail. Prince Gaywad upset B by screwing around with some pool boy, so she came to visit me in jail. After this first conjugal visit, she was knocked up with twins, but it was weird because when one of the babies was born it had a mouth full of really ugly teeth and an English RP accent. Anyway, the kids went up for adoption and I never had anything to do with her again because I’ll be damned if I’m going to get near a chick who’s had britmeat inside her. They have all kinds of scary-ass diseases over there.

And it all happened before breakfast.


Loopysoft and The Gentle News are teaming up to resurrect’s original mission. Whether you know what that mission was or not, if you’re interested in a very fulfilling web publication experience, please comment here with some timeframes that might be convenient for you to join an online organizational meeting. It will probably be in an IRC, AIM, or MSN chat room, so please denote your preference of those as well.

Rev, I’m lookin’ at you. Get a hold of me if you want more info, but this little project might give you a welcome break from all the hardcore code you’ve been not writing.

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