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“Potassium Benzoate (to protect taste)” My Ass

January 14th, 2005 · 3 Comments · Potpourri

I’m making incremental progress on improving my health. This week I started taking the stairs instead of the elevator to get to my 7th floor office. The first two days were bad. I discovered that it went better if I made certain there was something to snack on (hot pocket, bowl of soup, sandwich) when I reached the top. And that’s not bad, since it’s usually breakfast or lunch time when I hit the top.

I’m also going to try to quit drinking so much coke. This will be a huge undertaking for me, and I will probably fail miserably. I’m sitting here choking down a Diet Cherry Coke. It’s disgusting. I’ve already tried everything available in the office except for Diet A&W Root Beer and Diet Pepsi. The A&W is a foregone conclusion — no caffeine. I have also heard from most people who drink diet drinks exclusively that once you have accustomed yourself to the taste of asparthame/splenda/antifreeze, you prefer them over sugared drinks. That sounds awful. There are few things in the world more invigorating than that first, ice-cold gulp of Atlanta’s own, Real Thing.

If it weren’t for this delicious, write-home-to-mama-and-tell-her-she’s-in-trouble Bisque de B’s, I’d probably be in complete hell right now. Damn this shiznit is good.

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  • christopher vock


    whta are the negatives to my health if i swallow potassium benzoate ?
    and what is the E code ie E-325 etc ?

  • Ali

    A & W’s Diet Cream Soda is a wonderful thing. It tastes super yummy, and it has caffeine!
    Try it, I hope you’ll like it–most of the folks at my office really dig it!

  • Farris

    Thanks, I’ll give it a shot, though I think I’ve made up my mind to attempt to cut calories in areas other than my drinks. One or two Cokes a day ought to be fine.

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