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So long, so long, so long, so long, so long

May 9th, 2005 · 1 Comment · Movies

We went to see the H2G2 flick last night. It was good. I enjoyed it, the plot moved along fairly well, despite the ultimately pointless (unless there are sequels) addition of DNA’s Humma Kavula character. That whole sequence just sort of confused me and broke up the movie a little too much. Oh, and Zaphod, though fun and cool, did not seem nearly as hip and with it as he came across to me in all previous incarnations. This could be by design, the filmmakers having accentuated the whole one-brain-in-two-places idea.

However, the biggest problem I have with the movie is sort of important: It just wasn’t very funny. Oh, it was witty and made me smile and giggle, of course. But there were no belly laughs like I get when I read the books or listen to the radio shows.

Here’s something I didn’t realize until this morning, which I’m sure J.D. will find interesting: I’m just pleased as punch to inform you that the voice of Eddie, the HOG’s Computer, was none other than Thomas “Booger, Booger, & Fartybutt/Lt. James Dangle” Lennon.

I’ve had the opening musical sequence in my head all morning.

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  • amanda

    the opening musical sequence is so catchy. i think i had it in my head for a week afterwards.

    it seemed pretty clear to me that they’re going to try to make some sequels (though since dna isn’t around any more, who knows what they’ll be like?)


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