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Packing? You have to PACK to move?

June 18th, 2005 · 2 Comments · Potpourri

I have been beyond irritable lately. Probably for the last two weeks. My eyes twitch, my stomach won’t quit churning. The slightly unexpected causes me to crave violence. But I think I’ve done an OK job of keeping it from getting me in trouble. It’s worse when I’m hungry. I need to eat, but I’m too wound up to figure out what I want, so my stomach gets worse and I either just sit in my chair or pace around the house.

House! Technically, it’ll be mine sometime after 9am on Tuesday. Realistically, we’ll be moving in a week from then. There was supposed to be a movie-night thing here tonight, but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen. Anyone who was planning to attend is more than welcome to come over and watch movies or keep me company while I pack.

My head hurts like I was out drinking too much last night, but all I consumed yesterday was water, mexican food, and popcorn. I worked from 9 to 6:30 yesterday, then went to see Batman (which was fucking awesome) with John and Ronny. Affter that I got a call and had to go back to work until about 11:30. I came home and went almost immediately to sleep.

Now I need to eat food and get back on the packing wagon.

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  • Josh-Daniel Davis

    Packing is REALLY there so you can clean behind your furniture and throw out kruft.

    Next time you see your doc, mebbe see about having a 4 hour glucose tolerance test? You know, test after fasting, then after having supersweet orange crush kinda stuff, then test a couple of times after that.

    Just to make sure you’re not going high or low.

  • John

    What a load of unimportant guff yesterday I ate slept and farted so what

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