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Hold Me Close Now Hungry Bastard

June 24th, 2005 · 6 Comments · 9to5, Potpourri

Note: I wrote most of this yesterday, after getting home around 8pm. Today will likely be much better than yesterday.

I’m having a terrible day. If you think you may have contributed to my terrible day, and would feel bad if you knew I mentioned anything you did or said in reference to my terrible day, please don’t continue reading. I am not placing blame for my terrible day upon anyone, I’m just giving a summary of the reasons I believe I’m having a terrible day.

Today I found out for certain that two of the original attendees (and one late addition) of the beach trip will not be attending after all. I will still have a good time, but would have had a much better time if these folks had come along.

Let me take a brief moment to tell you something that is NOT a reason for my having a terrible day. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in a long (relative) time. This has absolutely nothing to do with the terrible day I’m having, and that fact makes today a little less terrible.

But I’m still having a terrible day. There are many things I need and want to buy for the new house, but will have to live without for a while as I save up and make certain my budget is well-planned. One of these things is not a fridge. I will buy a fridge soon.

The garage sale plans for this weekend have gotten very complicated. This news is fresh, and has made my already terrible day much more terrible.

I spent a good part of today trying out various methods of creating /dev/sdX device symlinks with udev rules based on serial numbers so that each of my 6 identical usb hard drives would have its own unique and persistent device node no matter when they are plugged in. All of these methods are bogus. “devlabel” flat out doesn’t do what the man page says it does, and udev will not allow me to identify a “scsi” bus device by its corresponding SYSFS serial number on the “usb” bus device. This angers me.

I almost went batshit at work because one of the adjacent office’s alarms was beeping continuously for hours. I seriously had a tough time keeping myself from violently ripping the alarm off the wall.

Anyway, I had intended to go on, but it’s no longer Thursday, June 23, so no need to finish. Yesterday sucked. Today won’t, I swear.

This morning I had something of an epiphany. There is absolutely no reason to migrate my mediocre theater setup to the new house. I am going to get a new projector and a new sound system. I might even get cable soon and setup a MythTV box. Or maybe I’ll just try a TVTorrent setup. Who knows.

Questions: How do I run VGA/DVI cable from one side of a living room to the ceiling? Isn’t there some maximum length you can run those cables? I know it can be done, as that’s how it’s setup in corporate conference rooms, etc. I just need specifics so I can buy the parts. Also, which tiny projector should I get, and where do I get the hardware to mount it on the ceiling?

Oh, and since I’ve been out of the loop for years, what’s a decent, afforable, and powerful surround-sound system?

Oh, and I need to buy a fridge and a bed as well. And living room furniture. And some free lemonade.

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  • Jim

    They make some “all in one” type setups for home theater that are fairly decent. Complete with DVD player, AM/FM receiver, etc, etc. These can be had for.. $100-$500, depending on where you look and how good of a deal you get.

    As far as “watts per channel” goes… I have no clue… but anything out there she be reasonable. My friend Mike is into it a bit… I’ll ask him when I see him tonight.

    Sorry you had a shitty day, yesterday. I hope today is better.

  • mommiah

    I think the Mommiah needs to make a trip up there and plan a house warming party for the Dudish! What ya think?

  • sn0w

    I can go into all the projector stuff when we get a chance to
    check out the new digs. I suppose we could even throw mine
    in a backpack for a test run movie night.

  • Rachel

    Living room furniture??? How big is your living room? We just happen to have a super duper huge sectional couch (sleeps 4) that we were about to donate because we replaced it. The only downside… it is pink/mauve. Would you like it?

  • John

    A Linux man now it gets interesting how do you get Fedora core to read a USB modem so I can set up an internet connection the modem is a Sagem 800 my ISP requires a password and username, some say it is best through an ethernet card

  • Farris

    What the fuck? I don’t know you, you leave comments on my site such as “What a load of unimportant guff yesterday I ate slept and farted so what” and then you want to ask me some ridiculous-ass question about Fedora Core, ethernet devices and your ISP?

    Try harder next time.

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