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We’re gonna make it after all

June 25th, 2005 · 7 Comments · Potpourri

Some cockjoint ripped all of the Hyundai emblems off my car. It’s covered by insurance, but it made me very angry. I’m so glad I’m leaving this neighborhood in 3 days.

The house is bought. I move Wednesday. Things are very hectic right now. I bought a fridge! Subject verb predicate.

I still need furniture. Couch, chairs, loveseat, coffee table, bed. Rachel, thanks for the offer, but I’m gonna try the whole buy-brand-new-shit-and-go-broke route.

If anybody knows where I can get some really long vga cables, please let me know. *Update*: I’m going to try this or something similar.

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  • Rachel

    No problem… in that case make sure you check all the furniture warehouses around alpha and midway out. Great deals to be found back there.

  • Justinm

    You can get at least 25′ VGA cables at Tanner Electronics in Carrollton ( for directions). They may have longer versions.

  • Matt Stephenson

    We got our furniture at Bassett, got a 45 month no interest financing deal, and i’ve had it for about a year and a half now, we like it alot, and its really sturdy, the cats cant get through the leather. I’d go see where you can get some no-interest deals, thats the best, because by the time you’ve paid it off, the furniture you’ve had for so many months is now more at the store for flat cash.

  • Josh-Daniel Davis

    VGA + long = bad-signal
    You might try an IPKVM or even a regular but high quality KVM in the middle as a signal regenerator.

    The cat-5 project looks cool. I don’t know the official specs on VGA wiring. I’d recommend putting a ferrite bead on the cord on each end to clamp inducted spikes for having such a long cord. You could also use shielded cable and solder the shield to the metal hoods so that you tie the ground together between source and destination.

  • Jim

    I second Rachel’s recommendation of the stuff at Alpha and Inwood. Nice stuff to be had very cheap (or expensive. I saw a $40,000 COUCH!)

    Sorry about the car. That sucks hind teat.

  • Cynthia B8s

    We are ready to get a new couch, so I very much feel your pain with furniture shopping. Buying a new lamp is one thing, but investing $500-$1000+ that I’ll be looking at for years is a huge thing in my little pocketbook. I’d recommend getting the big furniture (bed, couch, maybe chair) at a genuine furniture store, but if you can hang tight for about a month, Ikea will be in town and you can redecorate for mad cheap money. They have nice couches and stuff there, too, but just remember the old adage “You get what you pay for.” Under no circumstances should you buy any furniture at Wal-Mart, except for cheapo bookcases, and even then, you can get nice ones at Target for not too much.

    If you want to get a nice couch that you can have customized, you can go to Natuzzi at Preston and Forest. If you don’t buy, you can at least get an idea of what looks good. You pick the design, and the fabric, and they put it all together for you. They have leather and microsuede couches and they’re all made in Italy, but you can get a nice couch for under $1000 if you go with the microsuede. There’s a gorgeous blue microsuade that I would *love* to have a couch out of. And it’s a fun place to shop for couches.

  • Farris

    We actually did end up going with microsuede. We went to Roomstore and got a good deal on a complete set. We still may need to get a chair later.

    We also were really bold and got an almost-white fabric. It’s gonna look great with black cat hair all over it.

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