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Fresh Dead Fish For My Berfday

June 27th, 2005 · 13 Comments · Potpourri

Let me know if you’re planning on coming to eat raw fish with us tonight, and also let me know if you need directions. I’ll be getting there around 7:15.

The weekend was cool. I bought furniture. I still don’t have a new projector, but I’ll get that this week.

My car is in the shop, so I’ve got an Infinity FX45 (or whatever they call their SUV) on Progressive’s dime. Nice shit. Too nice. But NO digital clock, just an analog one. That’s crap. Analog clocks are evil.

We move Wednesday night. If anybody feels like helping or getting in the way while you make fun of me, come on down.

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  • mommiah

    Happy Birthday Sweetie! Wish I was there to WATCH ya’ll eat fresh dead fish…..I only eat mine cooked :)…. sorry to hear about your car.
    Love you bunches,

  • John

    Happy Birthday! I got you a new house on Baxter as a present. And I’m having a new couch delivered later this week to go with it.

  • Farris

    There’s some sushi you’d love. All cooked.

  • Farris

    You’re such a magnanimous guy.

  • Jim

    My hot wife and I will be there.

    She might even show you her boobies. Maybe. I mean, it is your birthday and all.

  • Rachel

    By some strange alignment of the planets I will be in Dallas for two weeks straight. :) I believe that I will be there (barring that the current work emergency doesn’t reach critical mass then). Mike mentioned that he is planning on going as well. Where is it again? I remember that it is the West side of Preston, but what was the cross street?

  • John

    By the way, when did the comments become threaded?

  • Farris

    Coupla weeks ago.

  • sn0w

    West side of Preston, just a couple blocks south of 190/GW

  • Monica

    Happy birthday.

  • Farris


  • Andi

    Sorry I missed the fresh dead fish. I haven’t been on LJ in a while. Are you staying in the Plan-o area or perhaps going to a nice. normal town like Euless? (ha.) No, I don’t want to help you move, you freak. But I can sit around and watch, and give directions. Maybe. Why aren’t you moving on a weekend?

  • John

    Wheres this stuff coming from I live in Staffordshire England

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