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Homeburning Party

July 11th, 2005 · 14 Comments · Media, Potpourri

Er, I mean housewarming. July 23rd. It’s also a Get The Hell Out Of Texas You Damn Yankee party for Johann. Stuff will start happening around 7pm. Give me a holla, of the phone or interweb variety, if you need directions.

I was going to come up with a list of small things for you all to refrain from feeling obligated to buy for me and the house, but that might be kinda tacky. Convince me otherwise.

Oh, and if we don’t get John whacked-out shitty drunk, I’ll hold each one of you personally responsible under penalty of a good thrashing about the ears and buttocks.

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  • Matt Stephenson

    What alky does john like? I’ll bring a bottle… I’ll be asking Jason Wells tomorrow if he is up for it since he doesn’t do the whole blog thing….

  • Jim

    If you don’t make a list, people will buy you shit you DON’T want. Believe me. This is especially true for weddings, but, true still for house warming parties.

    Make a list, bastard!

  • mommiah

    Yeah what Jim said!…. and would you email me your address and directions. Muahhhhhh Mommiah

  • Monica

    I’m gettin’ the Hell out of Texas as well, but not until August 1st. I need me some directions, yo.

  • Miki

    Definitely compile a list – but don’t make it all responsible things. Some people (ah-hem) would like to get you something for for the house – but nothing too grown up. ;)

  • Farris

    You know, John has never seemed to picky on the booze. I know one of his favorite wines is a Kabinet Riesling.

  • Farris

    Hmm… You’re probably right.

  • Farris

    Email sent!

  • Farris

    Oh, so you’re gonna try to steal John’s escapee thunder, eh?

    Directions sent.

  • Farris

    Ok, will do.

    Geez, as if it weren’t hard enough owning a home, now I gotta make lists for other people ‘n’ shit. :)

  • Monica

    I don’t need to steal thunder. I have enough to deal with on my own.

    …though they really don’t get a lot of severe weather in Utah.

  • John

    I’m not so sure about that last part…

  • Cynthia B8s

    You still into that one whiskey you were really into for a while?

  • Matt Stephenson

    myself and jason wells have committed to ensuring that john is trashed, we will not allow him out of our sight (i’ve made jason promise that not even chicks will get in the way) until john is so drunk he wont sober up until 5pm the next day, I’ll be bringing something, i’m not sure what, but i did hear john call out for a rum ‘n coke when i called him on the 2nd of july…. so maybe some good stiff 151

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