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If Only It Had Landed On A Witch

August 9th, 2005 · 5 Comments · Potpourri

Rob brought me the news last night.
In the storm our big tent took flight.
Though staked to the ground,
it flew all around.
We’ll survey the damage tonight.

As confessed on a friend’s famous feature,
at heart I’m a scroogely ol’ creature.
When money’s concerned,
and especially when burned,
If I find I’ve been wronged, I’ll beat ya.

But currently I’m in quite a bind.
There’s no culprit or crook to find.
It’s nobody’s fault,
so I’ve none to assault,
and it’s driving me out of my mind.

To some folks, one-fifty’s expendable.
To me, it’s a home quite dependable.
Losing that tent
is like losing the rent.
I hope it’s at least somewhat mendable.

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  • Andi

    Dang, your prose rambles sweetly, Uncle Farris.

  • Farris

    Dear Andi, you wound me, my dear.
    Your words compliment me, that’s clear.
    But others in time
    Have answered in rhyme,
    And you, of all folks, should adhere.

  • Dad

    If a tent’s what you need I can check
    To see if mine’s not a wreck.
    If I find it’s still good
    I hope that you would
    Come and get it at speeds break-neck.

  • Farris

    If it’s ten feet by twenty by nine,
    I’ll be at your door in no time.
    However, I doubt
    You’ve a hut so far out,
    though the I offer I find rather kind.

  • Dad

    When I read your “ten by twenty” chatter
    It almost made my heart shatter.
    I’m not a dumb guy
    But what they said was a lie.
    It seems that size really DOES matter.

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