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The Morning Is For Me, Not You

August 9th, 2005 · 2 Comments · Potpourri

This morning my brother’s keys were lost.
With the racket he made, I turned and tossed.
When he gave up and just started playing some game
I gave up on sleeping through “click clack” so lame.

It’s only just hit me how much work remains
To make this house look like its dwellers are sane.
At present the home looks destroyed by a bomb.
Or, worse, organized by Crazy eBay Mom.

I’d be in the Nut Hut most definitely,
if not for that hot chick living with me.
Don’t know how I snookered her into this mess,
but her “Bye, sleepy!” kisses are always the best.

They make it so easy to catch two more Zees,
but save me from anger when there’s no such reprise.
Maybe some morn’ I’ll get more than a kiss,
but I seriously doubt you’ll hear ’bout it on this.

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  • Jim

    work’s schedule I must abide
    so groggy each morning I rise
    but a nice piece of ass
    from a good looking lass
    would sure put some zing in my stride

  • Farris

    I like coffee, and I like tea,
    But sex sounds like damn good breakfast to me.

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