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This Is Absolutely Not A Bleg

October 31st, 2005 · 4 Comments · Potpourri

Unless you see the world completely through RSS-tinted lenses (or you’re just too busy to give a shit about my li’l ol’ website), you’ve probably noticed that I drank the kool-aid and slapped an AdSense banner on my page layout. It’s small, unassuming, and might just make me a buck or two.

So, as others have requested in the past, do Farris and yourself a favor: if you see an ad for something that interests you, give it a click. Otherwise, ignore the damn things.

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  • Jim

    A word of warning…

    do not click on your own ads… ever.

    do not allow other people that have the same IP as you click on your ads… ever.

    If you do, Google will catch you, call you a cheater, and take away all of your money.

    One time, while looking at my own blog on Meniere’s, I found an ad I was ACTUALLY interested in and wanted to know more about. But, I didn’t click. Instead, I used what little info the ad provided me to search for the same thing in Google… just to be safe.

  • Farris

    Do you know this from experience? A few questions arise:

    How would Google know that *I* clicked on my own damn Ad, or that someone in my own home did? My ISP is in no way connected to my website?

    Do they actually drain your ENTIRE balance if they suspect you’re clicking your own ads?

  • Jim

    Not from PERSONAL experience, but from other reports of other AdSense users.

    Via cookies, IP addresses, User-Agent strings, and the like, it’s pretty easy to tell when you are you. Sure, you can clean EVERYTHING diligently and then click away and “beat the man”. Heck, you can even write some script that goes through an anonymizer and… whatever… to click it for you.

    And, from what I’ve heard, they will drain the balance of all clicks they think might have been you… and the ToS has some provision that lets them do just that.

    Besides the $0.11 that you might drum up by clicking on your own link each time doesn’t really add up until you do it A LOT. And if they see 50% of the clicks coming from the same IP… well… to THEM, that’s pretty obviously cheating… even if you didn’t do it. They don’t have to justify themselves. Neat how that works, huh?

  • Farris


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