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“And I seen a lot, honey, and I ain’t scared to party”

November 30th, 2005 · 3 Comments · Media

Last night’s show was fun, despite my awful migraine. I want to send very special thanks to Gladys & Steve in Austin, TX. If you haven’t listened to last night’s show yet, you don’t know Gladys. Go listen.

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  • Jim

    Gladys rocks my world!

  • Jim


    There is something displayed to the left of the name of the commenter on your site. All this time, I though it said “El” as in “El Jim”, etc. It was just now that I realized it’s a collapsable + symbol.

  • Farris

    Yeah, it’s a neat little comment engine, but I never did get comment notification working. I’m too paranoid that I’ll start spamming people.

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