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Tee Minus Thirteen

January 14th, 2006 · 1 Comment · 9to5, Tech

In about thirteen minutes, I will pull the trigger on probably the most dangerous IT stunt I’ve ever had to pull. I’ve been planning this for several months, and I have backups upon backups, so theoretically there’s room for a little bit of error. I’m still scared shitless.

With the high-availability needs of my co-workers, it hurts everyone to have to bring even one of these servers down for a few minutes. But I have to bring 99% of them down for almost an entire hour. On top of that, a few characters didn’t follow my advice to hold off on running any huge or important jobs until after the event, so I’ll probably have to put up with some flak. Nevermind that I’ve made everyone well aware of what’s going on. Oh well. I did my job.

So, here goes nothin. Wish me, like, luck and stuff.

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