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Feeling A Little Better

February 11th, 2006 · 4 Comments · Potpourri

Today is better than yesterday. I made a really good lunch, something different. Alton Brown has forever changed the way I will boil potatoes. It’s amazing that you can make an absolutely delicious side dish with nothing more than potatoes, salt, and agua. Oh, and Farris’s Famous Whisky Sauce now has a sweeter, more versatile cousin: Parmesean Pesto Red Wine Sauce*.

* Edit – Alton Brown did NOT contribute the aforementioned sauce, just the method of boiling the potatoes on which it was slathered. The sauce is, of course, my own elixir. I’d be happy to share the concept with anyone who wants it, just don’t ask me for a recipe yet: never until I’ve cooked a dish at least twice.

I have almost reached the decision that she did in fact just make a bad decision, and no permanent damage was done. I say almost because, as I think any healthy, sane person would in this situation, I still have some tiny doubt that she’s being entirely truthful with me. She did, afterall, lie to me about something rather important. So it’s still up to me to figure out whether I trust everything at this point.

She, however, has some much tougher homework. Aside from convincing me that she isn’t a liar, she has to make some personal communication to several other important people. Mainly, the ones who were directly involved during the hours she was “missing.” If she hasn’t already, she owes a huge explanation to the girl she was with Thursday evening. Regardless of how little I regard Girl C. for her lack of friendly responsibility Thursday evening, she was lied to as well and deserves to hear from B.

She has already had one conversation with the Greatest Guy a Guy Could Have Around During A Crisis, but I suspect he’s owed a bit more as well. Most importantly, if you ask me, she needs to make, very soon, a pride-swallowing call to my wonderful mother who, knowing only the high-level outline of what really happened, I’m sure would much prefer at this point for her son not to marry a liar. I think that will be a tough conversation, but my mother is a reasonable person. She’s of the best breed mamas come in: the “don’t fuck with my baby” type.

To all the folks who have called, emailed, IMed or commented: thanks, you’re all awesome, and I love you all. To the people I haven’t called back: I truly appreciate your concern. Just know that I’m alright, and I’m not quite ready to be verbal about this thing with many people.

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