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Hi, I’m Farris

February 19th, 2006 · 1 Comment · Potpourri

Let’s do one of these:

Friday night we spent the entire evening with our good friends Rob & Vicki. It was a pleasant night. We started out at Pei Wei and then ended up at their house talking until after midnight.

Last night Rob was in Austin with the other mexicans and Vicki was going to join us for the Honchie show, but she didn’t want to take her pregnant ass out in the disgusting cold weather. So, we met up with B’s friend and her dude at Cafe Brazil. We saw three opening acts. Two were great. One was not.

Honchie, of course, kicked much ass, as they were born to do.

Tonight I’m cooking a roast. If you’re interested in joining us, drop me a line or give me a ring. We also have some left over panna cotta that I made last night for dessert. It’s good stuff.

I’m technically off of work tomorrow. I might have to go in for a bit, but otherwise I’m going to take the time to do several things:

– Cook some more and seek more new, exciting culinary concepts
– Work on writing for the show
– Work on some personal music projects
– Work on another musical project Rob and I are putting together
– Help B get the wedding invitations finished and mailed

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  • nata5

    Hey what whwo did the anal sex song that was played last show? I need to get a copy .. baaad… must make a ringer from it.

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