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Dreams & Following Others’ Lead

February 25th, 2006 · 1 Comment · Dreams, Potpourri

This will be short, since it’s already racing away from me:

B and I were planning to buy my grandparents’ house from them. My grandmother and I were already talking about building a music room, next to the garage-now-dining-room. This was a very odd suggestion, because the K. family’s house is on that side of the building and a new room would not fit there.

B and I had also decided that the interior needed some work. I don’t remember details, but we were thinking about “clay” a lot. I don’t know what that means. We wanted to coat walls with clay, or make the floor out of clay. Something strange like that. Rob & Vicki had overheard us, and decided to surprise us. Before my grandparents had moved out of the house, R & V sneaked into the house and painted every surface in the house bright pink. It was terrible. My grandmother was confused, but didn’t seem surprised or annoyed. I was pissed.

I woke up before I got to the R & V confrontation scene.

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  • Morgan

    Is it bad that I really want to see your house painted pink?
    And you know you’ve given everyone the same idea…

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