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June 29th, 2006 · 2 Comments · Potpourri

I must confess, I’m quite chagrined
My posts have grown quite sparse again.
Some time ago I made a vow
To rhyme each day, and yet somehow
Quite easily I did forget
How much I love this stupid shit.
It’s fun, I think you’ll all concur
To wax poetic, as it were.

Fun is great, but wait! There’s more!
There’s therapy in such shitty lore.
Hiatus from this medicine
Relapsed the illness in my pen
Perhaps it will take quite a while
Before my verse becomes less vile.
Forgive the interval as I recoup
Your patience is my chicken soup.

So, please, do help a nigga out
Give a holla, an e-shoutout
Perhaps in turn you’ll share a poem
If rhyming skeelz you have, then show ’em
If critical are your observations,
And intent you are on obviation
Observe my hand upon my penis
And my reply of, “Criticize this!”

Inspired by this link, which you are all hereby commanded to click.

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  • Jim Reverend

    if superman were to bestow his power
    on some lucky soul in his final hour
    I’m certain, my friend, that there would be
    not one other soul more deserving than thee.
    But, while true and right and well endowed
    There’s one thing for which you should not be proud.
    You’re intentions are true and that’s good and well
    But you’ve gotta learn some better HTML.
    The link you’ve given, for which I’m elated,
    Doesn’t quite work as you have stated.
    But I’m sure you’ll fix it, you’ve got some class
    so here’s wishing you a nice piece of ass.

  • Farris

    Jim, your flattery goes to my head
    But please don’t stop, continue instead
    The HTML glitch, to my distress,
    Is caused by this new theme for WordPress
    The aesthetics of my site, you see
    I’ve outsourced to my wife, as she
    Is much more skilled in bringing the pretty
    But her attention to detail, while not quite shitty,
    Leaves some areas requiring more scrutiny.
    But she’s batting nine-hundred, if you ask me.
    In essence, the “piece of ass” you mention
    Shall fix the error, lest she face detention.

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