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Did You Ever Wonder: Part I

July 10th, 2006 · 8 Comments · Potpourri, Video

Did you ever say to yourself, “Gee, Farris Goldstein is indeed infinitely adorable, but just how hard did he have to work himself to become so cute? Was he this lovable when he was, say, 4 years old?”

Fear not, friends. I have the answer to that understandable question right here:

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8 Comments so far ↓

  • Jim

    Awwwww… how cute!

  • m

    was that really you? you’re right – quite adorable :)

  • Farris

    Yeah, it was really me. :)

  • Mommiah

    For some reason I cannot see the pic here from work. But I will answer anyway. YES he was adorable even way before the age of 4! But then again does a mama’s perspective count here?
    Btw… where did you get those dimples?

  • m

    a mother’s perspective always counts when it’s to the positive ;)

    whose dimples are you referring to?

  • Farris

    m: She’s referring to the dimples you can’t see because I was supposed to look sad, and when I couldn’t contain my cheeriosity and my lips curled up into a smile, they cropped in on my eyes to hide them. You can kinda see my cheeks tense up right after it crops.

    Mommiah: K-Mart and Target… Duh. :)

  • mommiah

    Ahhh yes Kmart and Target! :) I see you must be playing with the box of home videos! And for those viewers out there…. Rarely EVER did you see such a sad face on him. He was always full of smiles and laughter! But when necessary to make a point for such a public service announcement he could act! I love you sweetie!

  • m

    I think we need to see more pictures of young Farris. :)

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