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Couldn’t do it this time

September 19th, 2006 · No Comments · Daily

The only thing I remember from last night’s dreaming is Vicki bringing over chocolate wedding cake in a ziploc bag.

Friday night I worked late and then got all my PA gear ready for the company picnic. Saturday we went to said picnic and I provided music & microphones. It was fun, but very long and tiring. After the picnic, we went to Daniel‘s exhibit in Grapevine. My wife’s legs were on display for all in a portrait I refer to as “Legs ‘n Eggs.” After the exhibit we went to Mike’s house, gawked at his beautiful, almost-sold house, drank his booze and came home to crash. B wasn’t feeling well, and I was drunk.

Sunday was kind of a lazy day. B & I made crawfish bisque with a new recipe she found and it was the bomb diggitigy dag.

Monday night my cousin came over. We watched football (kinda), and cooked brats. Fun was had. I really want to move forward with setting up a regular poker night or something.

Today I got a lot done at work. I came home and vegged for a bit. I was going to finally put away my laundry that my beautiful wife so generously has washed. She gets impatient with me, and not without good cause. When I finally got around to putting it away, I discovered that she had already done it.

I’m about to go to bed early so that I can try to get up early and do some running.

I’ve been thinking and playing around a lot more with music lately. I’d like to find another musician to play around with. Get some silly rock tunes recorded and polished, start a band and do some light gigging.

I think tomorrow I might to take this power amp I bought back and get a slightly more expensive model.

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