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September 20th, 2006 · 1 Comment · Daily

Last night I dreamed that I was still living in the trailer, and there were black scorpions and red and yellow poisonous frogs inside it. Then we moved to this house, and after a year or so someone broke in and stole all of my good computer monitors, replacing them with crappy ones I’d had when I lived in the trailer. I decided I didn’t like this neighborhood so we were going to move.

Today I worked. Then I went to lunch with Daniel at Ali Baba. Then I worked more. Then I went home. Then all hell broke loose at work and I went back. Then I came home. Then I wrote this.

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  • Dad

    Actually, on Friday Kim is closing on the house she and Josh built in Tomball. As Josh is working in a foreign country right now I am going with her. Saturday we are moving them from Mauriceville to Tomball.

    Any strong backs want to help?

    Oh well… there’s always next year.

    By the way, call me on my cell phone. I got a new Razr and don’t have all my old numbers in it. The old phone (which fell apart) wasn’t a SIM type phone.



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