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November 8th, 2006 · 2 Comments · Daily, Potpourri

A few days ago I started destroying my piano, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I started turning my old spinet, generously donated by Mr. Rillifane into a tack piano. Yeah, I just dumped out the box of thumbtacks and started haphazardly shoving them into the hammers. I have a little bit of tweaking to do, and a few more hammers to tack, but it sounds very cool.

The only problem is that about an octave and a half above middle C, the thickness of the felt starts to get too shallow for the thumbtacks. So I need to either find some smaller tacks, or figure out where acoustically it sounds OK to quit tacking. On the higher end of the keyboard the notes are a bit tinny anyway, so it might sound fine.

Aside from that, a few of the lower keys are way too sharp, and the pins are so rusty and nasty that I can’t turn them. At any rate, after a bit more messing around, my piano is going to sound very interesting. Now I just need to write some decent honkytonk.

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  • Rillifane

    By the way, if Andie ever hears about what you did to that old spinet she will castrate you with a dull spoon.

  • Farris

    Rill: I thought about that, but y’know, the only real “damage” being done is to the felts. That damage is reversible, and it needed new felts anyway. It really does sound beautiful, I believe she’d like it.

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