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Farris Goldstein’s 115th Dream

November 9th, 2006 · No Comments · Daily, Potpourri

I have a few pieces left of last night’s dream. This morning they were still very clear to me, and I meant to write them down, but I waited and so now they’re just fragments.

Grace had torn out about 95% of the carpet in our house. I was so angry that I decided to leave and go hang out at Kandi & Renee’s house. Kandi, Renee and Uncle Dennie were having a party because they were all about to go on the Atkin’s diet. It was a Carb Party. Tons and tons of evil carbs for all to enjoy at this last supper. Nobody was drinking, but everyone was drunk. Travis Box came in, stoned out of his skull. He didn’t recognize me or remember who I was, but I wasn’t offended because I didn’t really give a crap about Travis Box.

Then two cats and a wife conspired to keep me from finishing the dream, and I got up to go to work.

I worked from home some this morning and then went in to finish up some project planning and put a few nails in AT&T’s coffin. We’re switching away from traditional phone service and getting some SIP trunks. It’s scary and I just might wet myself before it’s all over.

We’re leaving tomorrow and I’m not even remotely ready. I’m going to leave work at noon, then clean the kitchen and pack up a few things. Hopefully we’ll be on the road by 2.

I have a new server, and we’re going to be migrating everything to it. I’m looking for a good user control panel package. I’ve looked at web-cp, DCT, VHCS, and ispconfig. They’ve all got big flaws I don’t like, but I just need to pick one. I’ll give it another day or two.

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