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Mama And a Duck in Brother’s Truck (Pay Attention)

November 20th, 2006 · 5 Comments · Food

Thursday, you’re likely doing all sorts of things and eating all sorts of things with all sorts of relatives. Maybe you’ll enjoy it, maybe you won’t. Maybe you don’t have any family to eat dry bird and nasty dressing with. Maybe you’re going to a strip club, since they’re mostly open on Thursday.
However on FRIDAY (FRIDAY!) you don’t have shit planned. Maybe you have to work, maybe you don’t. Either way, you don’t have shit planned, and you know it. You weren’t expecting this.

ATTENTION: Friday will be Get Fat Friday at the Goldstein residence. We’ll be serving up tasty, slap-yo-mama (or mine, she’ll be there), home-cooked vittles, to wit, Turducken and other stuff for lunch, and broiled fish and other stuff for dinner.

Yeah, that’s right, bitches. Turducken. You know you want some. You folks who think Turducken is a joke that nobody ever REALLY eats are in for a surprise.

Call me. Let me know if you want to come for lunch, dinner, both, etc. I’m sure there will be some sort of non-eating activities throughout the day. Maybe movies, maybe poker. Maybe drinking. Maybe Uncle Jessie will get naked and dance for us. Who knows? To the dismay of some, my mother has been known to pole dance. You might not want to miss that.

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  • WickedSin

    I don’t have your number anymore AHHH!!!

    Is your brother gonna be there?

    Or is he busy keeping the damn cats in line?

  • Jennifer

    Turduken ROCKS! Though, Josh, EB, & the kids will be at my uncles part of the day. If they decide to come over after lunch at my uncle’s… I’ll tag along with them since I don’t know where ya’ll live. Toodles.

  • Laura

    We’d love to, but our presence is required in the dustbowl. J’s mom’s circus gets us for Thursday, and we kids are going to dad’s Friday to cook, because the Joads apparently can’t or won’t cook. Or travel. Only give guilt trips that they never see us.

    I’ve always been curious about turducken.

  • Mommiah

    Reminding self not to forget to pack my pole dancing attire!

  • Jess

    We’ll be there like fair, dawg! I’ll leave you guys to the turducken, but I’m all about that broiled fish! Also can’t wait to see Mommiah and Uncle Jesse again!

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