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Bangalore Hasn’t Killed Me Yet

September 12th, 2007 · No Comments · 9to5, Travel

Bangalore Trip Day Two

or: Episode II, Attack of the Squirts

I’ve had very little time to myself, and thus very little time to write. The contractor they hired here to help me has been helpful indeed, but he was asked to “shadow” me and I think he may be taking it to a bit of an extreme. When I tell him I have some urgent issues I need to take care of back home for an hour, he sits beside me and watches over my shoulder, as if he needs to learn to do my job there and here at the same time. I can usually shake him off by pointing out a few things on the huge list of stuff to do that he can take care of in parallel.

Anyway, as a result, things aren’t getting done quite as quickly as I would have liked, so by the time I leave the office and get back to the hotel, I can barely stuff food into my aching stomach in time to pass out with some Bollywood or Indian sitcom atrocity on the television. At least I hope like hell they’re supposed to be comedies. Even what appears to be drama is so ridiculously over the top that I just assume it has to be satire, and that what I’m watching can’t be taken seriously by anyone.

I’m sure there are some decent flicks or TV shows out there, and obviously I’m missing some cultural parameters. But I think I’m pretty well rounded when it comes to global perceptions, and this stuff is just bad. Maybe I only get the cheap channels at my hotel.

Before I left, everyone said that no matter what I do in Bangalore, I’m going to get stomach issues and probably have diarrhea most of the trip. I had some minor bowel issues on Tuesday, so I was a bit scared. However, it turns out that the problem was just too much coffee. It’s Thursday, and I’ve had no additional episodes. I think I’ll be fine.

I almost have everything here setup such that I can finish things from back home. I’m certainly ready to be home. I miss my wife and my children and there’s a lot to plan for the coming months back in Texas.

There are some new photos up on my flickr page. I’ll write about some of them later. I’m hoping to have time to do a day-by-day blog type thing on the plane home.

Go to bed, y’all!

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