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The cake is a lie…

October 12th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Gaming, Music

If you’re even remotely fond of video games of any sort, you must play Portal. I’ve never had that much fun playing with myself. Wait… Anyway.

If the awesome premise and amazing gameplay aren’t enough, then you’ll certainly squeal when you realize that JoCo wrote the theme song.

Speaking of all that, I have a free (legit) copy of Half-Life 2 I can gift to anyone who might want it.

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  • Josh Davis

    I was all thinking this might have been like the OLD portal game, based on the book Portal, about a guy sent at relativistic speeds to explore space, but the computer detects anomalies in its own operation due to the velocity. They turn back, having been gone decades, to find everyone missing from earth. The character interacts with the philosophy trainer program which is becoming sentient and lonely.

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