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These and those

January 17th, 2008 · 5 Comments · Potpourri

Things I wish were different:

  • I wish I weren’t comfortable enough with my current job/salary to be more or less forced into using a lot of proprietary software and tools that I find far inferior to free (as in both beer and speech) ones.
  • I wish my current environment didn’t more or less force me into being a God Damned Top Poster in order to be taken seriously in most email communication.
  • I wish I weren’t so damn hungry right now.
  • I wish I actually liked healthy foods. I’m trying my best, but it’s just not happening.
  • I wish I had some real motivation and discipline to get my ass out of bed early in the morning and get to work.
  • I wish more of my musically inclined friends had the time to put together a truly creative and fun Zappaesque* project with me.
  • I wish I had the time to put together a truly creative and fun Zappaesque* project.

Things I’m stoked about:

  • My ass doesn’t hurt much anymore. Let’s hope it’s a trend.
  • I’ve been exercising regularly, and aside from the hunger due to my hesitation to increase my caloric intake, I feel fantastic. (And I never felt as good as how I do right now…)
  • I’m this close to being mentally and technologically ready to start recording again.

Just things (mostly old stuff you’ve already heard):

  • The Rooskies are sending tech to Europa, even though the Daveolith explicitly forbade it. We’re all going to die.
  • I want to kiss David Lynch.
  • Filipino inmates, in search of blood, terrorize y’alls neighborhood.
  • My anus was bleeding. For real. It isn’t any more. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. And fiber.
  • I saw Die Hard 4.0. It wasn’t terrible. It bugs me when flicks depict telephone conversations involving an American speaking English to someone else who is speaking another language with English subtitles.
  • If you haven’t played this, you must. Fun as hell.

* I should clarify that I don’t mean “music that sounds like Zappa.” I just mean something fun, creative, and truly eclectic, something I don’t think has been achieved by anyone as thoroughly as Zappa did. B pointed out yesterday that I seem to be obsessed with Zappa, and I didn’t argue. I am. I think he’s worthy of obsession, and wish like hell he weren’t dead.

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  • Skwid

    Seriously, man…I am duplicating all your wishes. Well, maybe not the Zappa ones.


    But the second one? OMG, SO MUCH!

  • B

    I did not say you were obsessed with it.

    I said “You have been listening to Zappa almost all the time for a few months”

    And you said “It’s a healthy obsession”

    Just wanted to make that clear.

  • Matt

    Played it, beat it, got the t-shirt. All too easy.

  • John McClane

    I watched Mullholand Dr. on a 19″ TV and I still feel cheated.

  • Farris

    Fuck. I accidentally deleted all the comments on this post (and a few others). Matt, Amanda, Enos, and Skwid: I so sorry. Wish I could undelete ’em, but I can’t. I’ll give you all a butt massage to make up for it. Just one between the four of you. You’ll have to share.

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