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One more for now, then I’m done

February 16th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Potpourri

Mark Steyn is, I believe, the most level-headed political writer I have ever encountered. Duh. But anyway, his latest  column takes the ideas I tried miserably to convey about Obama in my last post and massages them into something beautiful, understandable, and very difficult to argue with:

Read this.

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  • Monica

    Think about it, though. How long has it been since a presidential candidate with any chance of winning actually had ideas? Ideas mean maybe *gasp* losing voters who don’t agree with your idea.

    People win elections based on charisma, charm, and image first. That’s why good looking candidates have a much better chance of winning. Good looking with a nice voice? Even better.

    To win elections, and ultimately to be thought of as a good president, it doesn’t matter what you did. It’s what you represent. It’s the game, and it sucks.

    That being said, given the choice between three people who offer little in the way of ideas, I’ll take the one that makes me feel the most “inspired.”

  • Farris

    My point is that conceding the idea that the issues don’t matter, so long as you look nice and make people feel good, is sick. It’s a huge part of what’s wrong and disgusting about our government.

    So you’re absolutely right. And I don’t like it, and won’t go along with it.

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