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License to cable-tie

July 1st, 2008 · 4 Comments · Potpourri

This is just ridiculous. Surely it’s a joke or a fuck-up, right?

What’s next? Will I need to have a liquor license in order to play bass in a funk band? A plumbing license in order to let people shit in your house at a party?

Kara will have to be an M.D. to continue reviewing restaurants, and an FCC license to review movies.

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  • Rachelle

    Holy shit. My dad is a computer tech for a small company. There’s no way in hell, at 67, that he’s going to get a PI license.

    WTF?! It’s just ridiculous! All he finds is porn that teenagers have put on their grandparents’ machines, not criminal plotting!

  • Farris

    @Rachelle: You’re gonna need acoustic engineering license in order to continue singing in public.

  • Rachelle

    My dad’s response: Last night was the first I had heard of it – the law was passed last Sept and was sort of pushed through quietly by the PI Association. Texas is now being sued because this whole thing was sort of under the table.

  • Skwid

    …porn that teenagers have put on their grandparents’ machines…

    Yeah, uh huh. It’s all the grandkid’s fault. Right.

    Back to the topic at hand…this was pushed through by the powerful PI Association?

    Are you writing from Bizarro Noir Land, or something?

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