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Project Garmin-replacement

November 11th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Potpourri

In case I didn’t mention it here, my awesome Garmin navigation unit was stolen several months ago.

In case I didn’t mention it here, my current employment is coming to a close. Probably looking for a new gig in December, definitely by January.

In case I didn’t mention it here, I like playing with toys, and breaking them apart and doing shit with them.

Regarding mention number two up there, I might be getting a really nice adjustable, powered, well-lit, heavy-duty workbench.

And I bought one of these:

I also ordered a touch panel to add to it, one that’s been used for a lot of EEE PCs. As far as I can tell, nobody has yet succesfully added one to a Dell Mini. Yay for trailblazing.

I ordered a tiny USB GPS unit that I’m going to tear apart and solder onto the motherboard of this sucker. I also have a mini PCIe 3g card I’m putting in it. I still haven’t decided what software I’m going to use, but once it’s all setup I should have a nice, 8.9″ car PC with a touch screen that I’ll be able to use for media, speaker phone, navigation, mobile intarwebbin’, and whatever else one might do with a tiny crappy Dell PC.

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