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2008: I Can Do This

January 8th, 2009 · No Comments · Potpourri

I know a lot happened in 2008, but I’m having trouble remembering enough of it to summarize in an interesting manner. I just realized that I only played poker once in 2008. That’s sad. I’ll be brief, so as not to become long-winded and boring:

Jan: Awesome NYE/NY party, of course. Saw some movies, first glimpse of the new Trek, finally did something about the parts of me that were bleeding and hurting that shouldn’t be doing that. Recorded what was probably the most fun thing I’ve ever done, though nobody was as excited about it as I. Didn’t matter, and still doesn’t.

Feb: Found one of my favorite bands from high school on MySpace. Wasted a lot of time on ridiculous and poorly-thought-out limerick rules. Failed 100% at trying to record an album. Began my long-coming descent back into political apathy.

Mar: The start of Titties & Disco (my band, Soul Glow, playing disco at The Men’s Club for happy hour). The start of the Goldstein Family Strip Club Adventures. The beginning of the end of my concept of “extra spending money.”

Apr: We finally bought a decent bed together. It’s extremely comfortable, but still a tiny bit too high. One of my goals for the soonish future is to get a slightly shorter box spring and replace the television in the bedroom with something a little more elevated. More comfortable for snooze-watching, and more ergonomically versatile assitive for the non-sleeping, non-television-watching bedroom activities. Went to New Orlean, finally with my gorgeous lady this time. Had a blast playing in the rain with all my favorite party peeplez, pregnant ones and all.

May: Titties & Disco continues. Fun show Soul Glow show at Firewater. Lots of planning.

Jun: Second Karaoke party of the year. Lots more Titties & Disco. Finally got true HD happenin’ in the projector/living room. Vanilla Ice with Mad Mexicans at Firewater.

Jul: Trip to Austin to see Murray and his betrothed. New Mac toys for the Rushes.

Aug: Bought a motorscooter. Rode it a lot. Took motorsickle class with B and Eric. Had an awesome burn party, with Hurricane Gustav evacuees in attendance. Literally burned pizzas in the oven.

Sep: Daniel & I tried to pretend we were going to start doing the show again. That was cute. Bought a vocoder and lost myself in it for a few weeks, mostly recording silly-ass Zelda themes. House full of Hurricane Ike evacuees. First concrete signs of impending doom at The Company. Lots of Blues Jam Thursdays.

Oct: Less Blues Jam, more Sharky’s. Some bad horseshit that shouldn’t have happened. The Company shuts down. Began job search and weeks of grueling liquidation. Glad to be employed, but sad it’s ending.

Nov: Florist frustration, funny. Mental illness finally symptomatic. Extreme intial failure with the touch-screen PC garmin replacement. Disturbing news from Southeast Texas.

Dec: Extreme success with the touch-screen PC garmin replacement. Two weeks of awesomesauce with it, then more failure. Giving up on the touch-screen PC garmin replacement. Santa Rampage kicked a slightly unmoderated amount of ass. Christmas traveling whirlwhind. NYE party fucking rocked for over 24 hours. No hangover.

2009: Need some major cleanup and mental health assistance. Need my anchor. Knee jew.

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