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Thanks for not breaking me in half…

May 7th, 2009 · No Comments · Potpourri

Monday was a good day. Exciting, scary, fun, fulfilling, a tease.

One of the biggest internal challenges I’m overcoming is realizing that I don’t necessarily have to justify something I said before this minute, day, month, etc. I was/am dumb, and therefore said/say dumb shit. No need to find a reason for it or defend it simply because I said it. Not that I won’t own up to something important I’ve said. Or that I need to say less. Just… You know, say it.

I use the phrase “I’m seriously considering…” way too much. Not gonna do it. I’m going back to school. For music. Mostly production/engineering/composition. But some performance. I know I’m not a great performer, and will never be a great vocalist, but I love making the shit. It’ll happen. I just need to find a way to utilize my nerdifying skills in such a manner as to financially support my silly dreams of being the next John Williams or Frank Zappa. Hell, I’d settle for Mike Post.

There was more to this, hence saving the above paragraphs since late Monday. It fell out of my ears between then and now.

Long story short: I gave my 2 weeks notice. Things can only get better, and I mean that. Sincerely and cheerfully.

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