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Part II: Dreams and Trials

May 22nd, 2009 · No Comments · Potpourri

With the right sun protection and pest control, I can be calm anywhere. Having a time travel expert nearby helps, too.

I just had the best night’s rest in weeks. And I didn’t sleep a wink, but I did expend an uncountable number of calories ensuring that the two not-quite-sentient members of this household were locked inside and safe.

This is an honest playback of the events of last night and this morning as I recall them:

Thursday evening, I watched Animaniacs with Bonnie up until the very last moment that I could, at which point I stole as many kisses as possible, loaded my equipment into the FARR15 and headed for the audition/gig in Frisco.

The audition part was a snap. Of COURSE we play well togther, we’re all good friends. And of COURSE we had fun. Of COURSE we’re playing Disco tunes at that chick’s wedding. But I repeat myself.

After the gig I jumped back on stage and thumped along while the sound guy sang a Bill Withers tune. Then I packed my gear back up and went home.

We did science for the next several hours. I remember a lot of Dr. Kaku, the infamous duck, and of course the Bitch with Perfect Pitch. She isn’t actually a bitch, as far as I can tell, but it wouldn’t rhyme otherwise, so allow me just a tiny bit of misogyny here.

I also got shit on by that same damn tree again.

Here are some high-lights. You may take the quotation marks around the items in quotation marks to mean whatever you wish. I take them to mean that I heard them outside of myself before I felt them. But, rest assured, I felt all of these.

  • The grass in our backyard is extremely green.
  • “It doesn’t matter if you trust her, she’s pretty.”
  • “She’s OK, because she’s hot.”
  • “TrES-4 is like a MARSHmallow.”
  • I need to read more about Ward and Brownlee.
  • “It’s all Hubble’s fault. I feel sorry for him, but it’s all his fault.”
  • Am I really learning this much so fast? Slow down. There’s plenty to learn together.
  • I fixed the guest toilet because it had been running for at least an hour at some point.

After all that, I woke up and made one of the same silly, uneducated conjectures I’ve been making for years.

And then I got busy correcting it. And made coffee.

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