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Here’s This: Recipes by Rote, Recipes by Receipt

June 24th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Food, Potpourri

We’re making an effort to eat better, and in such a manner as to recognize that eating better should mean both more healthy and more delicious food. There’s only one way to make a conscious change to the patterns of your life: consciously!

Brian May knows physics. Brian May knows music. Brian May don’t know cooking.

Let me rephrase. I’ll bet you a meal that Brian May won’t read my recipes. I’ll bet Brian May a meal that you won’t read my recipes. Prove either of us wrong, and you win. Feel free to collect anywhere, and at anytime. If your name is Brian May, please call ahead.

I know a little about cooking, and I know a lot about eating. I know more about buying than I care to admit.

The Gentle News concept is now this: one receipt, one meal, and one story. I’ll give you, sweet Internets, one of each, every single day, or else I’ll give you nothing. I’m bound to break that promise now and again. If you know me in person, surprise me and show up for dinner. If we’ve never met in person, interact with me here (wherever here is) and I’ll buy or cook you dinner, or else convince Brian May to do one or the other.

If you think you’ve caught me on something, take a look at the date and think, “Hey, I wonder how many he has saved up in case he forgets a day or two?” I’m OK with being a statistician if I have to be.

I got soups to cook and crackers to fix.

* Edit: It occurs to me that the logic regarding bets and Brian May and proving things isn’t very sound. Doesn’t matter. If Brian May reads any of my recipes, then logic prevails!

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