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Part VII: Lexicography + Steganography = Telepathy

June 24th, 2009 · No Comments · Potpourri

I am no less skeptical today regarding the possibility of paranormal and supra-natural activity than I was the day I had my own personal revelation about God and the Infinite. Mind-reading is not a verifiable, tangible concept, insofar as there will never be a non-artificial method of detecting the electrical patterns in another human being’s brain to such a degree that one could reconstruct the accompanying thoughts in real time. We will never see a report on CNN about God, Jesus, Buddha, and Vishnu holding a press conference to straighten everybody out. Nobody will ever get James Randi’s money. However, I’m coming around to the idea that stupid people who believe in such magic are not necessarily more stupider simply because they do.

If you follow the above to its rational conclusion, an honest logician will also arrive at this tasty salt: Really smart people who nevertheless succumb to the allure of spirituality, religiosity, or outright incantation are not necessarily any more intelligent or enlightened simply because they have figured out that which, by definition, cannot be figured out. I’m only just now, at 28 years of age, beginning to understand the phrase “holier than thou.” I’m probably not 100% cured of the crime, but I think at the very least I’m calm and open enough now that I might never again claim to know what a True Scotsman would (and more importantly, wouldn’t) do.

Revelation of the week: I want to open a restaurant. Still keeping score here? I hope somebody is.

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