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Receipts and Recipes By Rote, Inauguration: Steak, Veggies, & Bean Dip [RRR]

June 25th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Food, Recipes

My template is going to be a bit weird, and I’m sure it will change. Feedback is welcome. Here’s the gist: I like to cook. I can usually come up with something edible without much notice. With a trip to the store and a couple of bucks, there’s a 90% chance that I can put together a delicious feast for several. Tooting my own horn, yes. But it’s science, so I’ll always win. Except for maybe 10% of the time.

I’ll post a receipt, some general info about what I cooked and how, and then something resembling a recipe that you might use to attempt the dish yourself.

Steak, cheap.

Steak, cheap.

Dish: Beef Tenderloin with Grilled Broccoli, Pan Fried Garlic & Eggplant, and hummus.

Grocery Store Damage: $19.28

Bought and Didn’t Use: Basil. Trust me, it won’t go to waste.

What Was Missing: Garlic on the steak. I cooked this on the Foreman, since my propane grill is currently overseas. Since the Foreman gets rid of a shitload of juice/fat/flavor, it could have used a little kick. It’s been a while. I miss my grill.

Why This Was An Adventure: This was the first time I’ve ever really attempted to use eggplant. I bought some once a few years ago, but chickened out. With some roasted garlic, it was tasty as hell.

Better Name For Dish: You tell me. I don’t have a photo of this one, but I intend to have them for subsequent meals. Hopefully my resident photographer will lend a hand there.

Meal Price, Adjusted: Less than $8 per head.

Brian May Says: “Call it simplistic, but if this inaugural dish were the Big Bang, the Universe would be far more delicious!”

“Recipe”: Soaked some beef tenderloins in yogurt, salt, Lee & Perrin (just a drop), pepper, and cumin. Dusted some broccoli with salt, pepper & thyme. Fried some fresh garlic in olive oil, then pan-fried some salted eggplant in that same oil. Grilled the broccoli for about two minutes, then place it on top of the eggplant and covered the pan, decreasing heat to low. Grilled tenderloins for about two minutes on each side. Arranged on plate around a dollop of store-bought (Sabra) hummus.

Wish I had a picture. The broccoli was greener than I’d ever served, and I actually ate all that I served myself. That’s a first when it comes to veggies. The eggplant tasted more or less like slightly exotic garlic mashed potatoes.

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